Friday, April 18, 2008

Unusual source of fabric

I bought this linen stole from TradeMe for NZ$7.20 including postage, its far too starchy, long and 'natural' coloured to be worn so now its being cut up for cross stitch! It's 283cm by 36cm so I'm sure it will take a long time to use. It's got a very natural colour and the usual irregularity of threads with linen fabric. It's got approximately 28 threads per inch, so is a equivalent to 14 count aida when stitching over two.

It was a bit scary to start chopping up something that looks like a garment but I soldiered on and hopefully I will one day have the guts to harvest a sweater for yarn.

It's my sister's birthday soon and she likes the animal- beavers so I wanted to make a beaver cross stitch card for her. I did a big search and I didn't find any patterns so I went to another thing that she's associated with, the banana.

I wanted something I could do quickly so this pattern from Shona's Place was just perfect:

I did this with a brown outline on Anchor 382 and bright yellow that came in a kit but wasn't used by the pattern, I think its DMC 742. I hope she likes it.

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