Thursday, April 10, 2008

Something To Do While Watching TV

I first started cross stitching while watching cricket which I then thought was a bit boring and didn't understand. I've since grown to love cricket, although I don't understand everything, I now know that its a very tactical game of mental trickery (in a good way). However I've grown to love handicrafts more and I now do them while watching tv, movies, youtube, during my lunch break at work, on the bus, on the ferry, in bed, about the only place I don't do it is in the bathroom, that would just be silly! I find myself trying to get home as soon as I can pick up a piece of handicraft and not wanting to cook so I can do it straight away.

I initially picked up a few cheap cross stich kits at 'The Warehouse' little ones of a bouquet and sunflower and a large one of flowers in a basket. These have been given away so I can't show them here unfortunately but here's a picture of one of the patterns:

In this blog I'll detail my adventures in self-taught handicrafts (well mostly self taught) and feature links to crafty blogs, websites and podcasts. I'm a Muslim so some of my crafting relates to that so I may sometimes touch on Muslim issues but this is definitly not a religous blog. I live in New Zealand so when I talk about places or cross stitch shops I visit they are in New Zealand and when I talk about dollars they are New Zealand dollars. I hope you enjoy my blog!

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