Monday, April 14, 2008

Nuu Zuland Book marks

When I was packing up to get on the bus today I thought about taking my UFO from the Heritage Collection of Ludlow Castle in Shropshire. However I realised it was too fiddly for the bus as I have to do zig-zagging part quarter stitches using one strand of floss in a pale beige and I'd have to take a bunch of different color floss if I wanted to work on it in the lunch hour. What was so great about the Rose Medallion Sachet is that I only had to take one chunk of cotton and not worry about the color.

So I ended up taking my Christchurch bookmark which I've just started. I'm doing the cathedral at the moment and its great to be back to the loop start, railroading and the Danish Method.

I've already finished the Wellington bookmark that I'm going to give to my husband. But he hates the backstitch alphabet used to write "Wellington, NZ" so I'm going to have to find one he likes before I do the finishing. Ohh I can try this backstitch alphabet generator!

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