Sunday, April 13, 2008

Snappy Q

I found a Q Snap in a shop that was small enough to use for cross stitch! It's a 8" square one and I snapped it up. I've used it to finish the cross stitch bit of Rose Medallion Sachet and it's wonderful (just finishing to go now). I've got the fabric snapped in on only two sides as its long but not wide enough. It works great nevertheless, the linen is taught and I get a look at the full piece without having too much space to work the thread around. I'm looking forward to putting my larger UFOs (unfinished objects) in it and feeling more motivated by using a new toy. The Q Snap has a very substantial feel, you get a real feel of the physicality of the stitching which I like!

What I want now is to have it held for me by something like the Stitch EZ so I can make full use of my John James Twin pointed Quick Stitch Needles that I am already enjoying using one-handed. As you can see the twin stab method (shown on the left) would speed up stitching.

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