Friday, October 31, 2008

Knittery is pretty

I heart Knittery it's Australian and you can get hand dyed beautiful sock yarn for NZD $28 including shipping, so yummy. Here's my favs, some are merino, some merino cashmere, thin and thick.

Friday, October 17, 2008

If I knitted man socks

2008JuneKnittingBlog202, originally uploaded by chelseaD.

These are completely perfect, I found them by searching for camo socks and found a post on this site by The Running Biology of a Knitter. The yarn is by Sophie's Toes in the Man in Uniform colourway made into a sock using the Nancy Bush pattern Gentleman's Fancy Socks. Now you can buy hand dyed sock yarn in NZD the same as USD, ie $25 New Zealand dollars for similar yarn as $25 US dollars. When you consider that the exchange rate is now around US 60c per NZD I would rather buy from New Zealand and also save on shipping. I am trying to get the lovely misstracee to make me some but the's MIA at the moment. I could either get some handspun handyed for NZD$35 or wait for her to resource some yarn to dye, not sure what I should do.

Gimme this - Grapeful Dead Yarn

What could be more cool than yarn named after a 60's rock band of awesomeness. Knit On!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

MIA due to sock knitting

So I finally found a way to learn how to knit socks, find a local teacher through ravelry, the lovely unionmaid. She got me a wonderfully easy sock pattern which I have created a pattern link for at ravelry, its called Easy Sock Pattern It's top down with a flap and everything I have messed up I have easily fixed, hurrah! I am currently in the knitting the foot length section, I may have to ask her assistance for the toe joining but we'll see.

She amazingly not only gave me 2.5 mm bamboo DPNS but also a ball of Middlearth Yarn in Balrog, 330 yds, 50/50 Merino Alpaca, it is squishy and lovely. Unfortunately the creator Lothlorian who's in her 20's like me has a husband in hospital, so she is far more MIA than me.
I'm loving the sock knitting and am almost finished my first sock after a week and a bit which is great. There still looks like heaps of yarn so I'll definitly have enough left for darning if I need to. I don't have any pics right now sadly, but imagine a orange sock with stripes of park purple and nearly black.