Friday, October 17, 2008

If I knitted man socks

2008JuneKnittingBlog202, originally uploaded by chelseaD.

These are completely perfect, I found them by searching for camo socks and found a post on this site by The Running Biology of a Knitter. The yarn is by Sophie's Toes in the Man in Uniform colourway made into a sock using the Nancy Bush pattern Gentleman's Fancy Socks. Now you can buy hand dyed sock yarn in NZD the same as USD, ie $25 New Zealand dollars for similar yarn as $25 US dollars. When you consider that the exchange rate is now around US 60c per NZD I would rather buy from New Zealand and also save on shipping. I am trying to get the lovely misstracee to make me some but the's MIA at the moment. I could either get some handspun handyed for NZD$35 or wait for her to resource some yarn to dye, not sure what I should do.

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