Tuesday, July 22, 2008

If I knitted socks

Drawstring Bag for small knitting projects with Japanese flowers for USD$18

This would fit needles up to 20cm but I love my 30cm Swallows at the moment so I'm not planning to buy this bag althourhg it is gorgeous. I really wish I could knit socks but I'm still learning and doing scarves.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Art yarns

Listening to Lime & Violet's episode 62 and laughing outloud as usual I was very much impressed by the homespun goodness they talked about from StudioLoo. I never thought about the fact that you could spin things into your yarn although I have read descriptions of how to knit in beads to projects. I thought I would profile some of this delightful art yarn and I am now wondering if there is a name for yarn that has decoration added to it.

If I was to buy some of this arty handspun I would probably cut it in half and use it for each end of a scarf. Or perhaps you could match similar shapes of art yarn to create a very special scarf. Granted this yarn is expensive but when you think that it is hand carded, handspun, artfullly dyed, quality ingredients and loveling cared for its a bargain.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How to torture baby in knitting

Knitted Dancing Star Baby Bunting

"Knit this attention-grabber in stockinette with Jiffy. It has separated legs, so it fits easily into a car seat. It's soft and washable. Closes with Velcro. Fits infant to three months."

In my mind I think of an irritated baby rolling about in this thing trying to grap something, its like a star shaped baby staight-jacket. I mean its sort of cute, but practical only for one day at Christmas time if your baby decides to sleep all day as the fairy on top of the Christmas tree. Also the insantiy of having seperated legs for use in car seats, if you are going to give your child no hand openings why would you be so practical as to make them strapable into a car seat, I guess to give your child extra restrictive torture.

Friday, July 4, 2008

The Genius!

While knitting my Creamy Feather's Scarf I found a knot in the brushed mohair yarn I am using. I had really hoped this wouldn't happen as I have struggled to tidyily weave in or knit in ends. As I am knitting the two halfs of the scarf independently and then kitchenering in the middle to ensure I get a pretty cast on ruffle and the right feather and fan pattern, I hoped to not have to join yarn together. I did a search for join techniques and found the felted join!

Knitting Help's Felted join video

Essentially you split the ply, wet the ends and felt the ends together by rubbing between the hands. Crazy Aunt Purl has a great blog post here.