Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How to torture baby in knitting

Knitted Dancing Star Baby Bunting

"Knit this attention-grabber in stockinette with Jiffy. It has separated legs, so it fits easily into a car seat. It's soft and washable. Closes with Velcro. Fits infant to three months."

In my mind I think of an irritated baby rolling about in this thing trying to grap something, its like a star shaped baby staight-jacket. I mean its sort of cute, but practical only for one day at Christmas time if your baby decides to sleep all day as the fairy on top of the Christmas tree. Also the insantiy of having seperated legs for use in car seats, if you are going to give your child no hand openings why would you be so practical as to make them strapable into a car seat, I guess to give your child extra restrictive torture.

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