Friday, April 11, 2008

Rosy Medal

I bought this kit from TradeMe for only NZ$10 which I had seeen at The Looking Glass in Picton just before I got on the ferry to Wellington.

The kit contains Zweigart Lugana Fabric 25 count, Treasured Threads, Needle, Instructions and Pattern. The thread is variegated and from the photo on the kit looked to be turquoise and purple but the one I got has pink as well. I'm not overjoyed about the pink but I could always make a new one with new thread if I'd like the pattern. The ribbon for the top of the sachet is white and I think I'd prefer to find one to match the thread rather than the fabric so there is some contrast.

I like the cross stitch image, its a very simplified flower, almost an arabesque so fits with my affection for Islamic art. This is designed to have lavender potpourri or soap put in it, I'll think about that, not sure which one to use. The thing that I find strange is that its a rose pattern but they don't suggest putting rose petals in it!

My dad has a lavendar sachet I made when I was 11 in "fabric technology" which has lost its smell as he pinned it on his pin-up board rather than with his clothes (but most men don't want lavendar smelling undies do they). I should make him something new, hmm, I'll have to think about that.

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