Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Granny G Podcast

One thing as a New Zealand crafter that I've always wanted was a New Zealand craft podcast. There are lots of great podcasts and blogs out there and I love many of them but just as I especially love reading blogs from New Zealanders I really wanted to listen to a podcast by a New Zealander.

I would have been happy with someone just having a 20min chat about their knitting but wow we got so much with than that thanks to the wonderful GrannyG's podcast: Crafternoon Tea with GrannyG.

Not only does GrannyG talk about her knittings she talks about her sewing, spinning, weaving, baking, crocheting (is that all of them, think so). She also does wonderful interviews of New Zealanders who are involved in the fibre arts, everyone from the very famous like Margaret Stove through to Gottland sheep farmer Hamish.

I salute GrannyG for her fantastic podcast and encourage you all to go listen.

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