Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Islamic embroidery

As a Muslima I prefer not to stitch animals or people in my cross stitch, as artistically creating an animate object is seen as attempting to imitate the creator and is therefore sinful. Toys however are ok so I do make knitted toys for when I have a child.

I have nearly completed and Indian cross stitch carpet based on a Mughal tent hanging, which is great as it has a Mihrab - point to mark direction to Makkah that Muslims pray towards and the Tree of Life. I really like it and I'm very excited to have it on my wall. So I'm thinking what to make next.

Traditionally Muslims have decorated their homes with geometric designs or curved designs called Arabesque. I really like these designs also, especially in architecture.

I would really like to make another cross stich pattern based on a carpet but was not able to find one. I messaged a French flickr member Barbarasyl who made this beauiful cross stitch carpet

Cross Stitch Carpet Originally uploaded by Barbarasyl

She was very helpful and opened by eyes to the beautiful patterns of Annie Cicatelli. She makes carpet inspired designs, Tapis in French, using North African carpets as inspiration. She has also done some designs from Morrocan arts like jewelry and lettering. Theres are the ones I like:

Morrocan Jewelry for €15

A collection of illuminated manuscripts for €10

A collection of Afghan carpets for €15

I've also found this wonderful carpet by sister Banu Demirel, a Turkish cross stitch and blackwork designer -

Blackwork Prayer Rug for USD$9

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