Thursday, June 19, 2008


Apologies for the title, my husband has never watched The Labyright (I know! Like how!) so I'm in a bit of a Bowie phase after watching the movie.

My husband hates using the bus, I don't but I love him happy, so he wanted to buy a scooter. We went and inspected it, liked what we saw and they agreed to deliver it that day. Unfortunately it was also WWKIPD which my husband had forgot. When I told him at 1pm he apologised and said we could go to our local event at 2pm but I said that was fine so we instead waited for the scooter to be delivered. So I knitted at home but no KIP for me :( I will forever see the scooter as the anti-KIP vehicle as not only did it mean I missed out on WWKIPD but I also no longer KIP on the bus. But the scooter gets us home in half the time and my husband is so nice as he lets me knit all the time. In the end, as much as KIPping is fun, I'd rather be at home snuggling with my husband than KIPping to fill in time while sitting in a traffic jam on the bus.

Two weeks ago we got two kittens, one is almost full size at six months and the other is a little one of two months. We went to the pet shop and took home the ones that jumped on us and were smoochy. They are very well toilet trained, they have an almost 100% toileting in the litter tray percentage except for when they got locked in the bedroom and both went on some paper on the floor so was easy to throw away and when they kicked sand out of the tray and went in that. Touching and hugging them has brought me back to love the feel of natural fibres and so I am in love with mohair. We'll hear more about that in the next post.

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