Thursday, May 22, 2008

I forgot my needle!

Can you believe it, I'm sitting on the bus going to a day at work that is centred around an event at 2pm (i.e. lots of time for knitting before then), I pull out my knitting and I only have one needle! So I've got the hefty ball, the 20" or so of knitted back for my sweater where I'm just beginning to cast on the sleeves and no second needle to work with. Oh the disappointment! I blamed my ever patient and indulgent husband for rushing me, I must remember to apologise when I see him.

However now that I'm knitting 58sts = 18" with one 70sts = 21" each sleeves, I'm finding my knitting feeling really a little tight on the needles and I'm not sure I'd be able to get another 70sts onto their 30cm length. These are the needles I have:

Swallow Timbergrain Needles they are 7mm needles and I paid NZ$12.45 for them although they are available alot cheaper online but it was great to have them straight away rather than wait.

But now I think I need a new pair of needles and circular seems to be the way to go. I can't knit in the round yet but I'm sure I can learn from these advanced knitting technique videos on Knitting Help. I've read that knitting flat can be easier on circular needles because its harder to slip sts off the end however you need to do a bit of pulling to get the sts from the filament cord to the needles.

Lots of people are selling Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needle Kits on New Zealand's local eBay equivalent TradeMe but I don't think I need ten sets of needles yet. My LYS sells Knit Picks Options which received a really good review on Knitter's Review which is a really useful site as there is so much forum discussion on ravelry its really difficult to pick out who to trust. I know that Addi Turbos have countless fans but they are not available from shop in New Zealand and Double-Pointed Needles are also an option but I'm not ready for them and nor would they be useful for my sweater project. So I think I'll walk the 2km return journey to my LYS to buy some Knit Picks Options probably in size 7mm for my sweater with a reasonably long cable, I'll have to ask to find out what the recommend. I love how pointy they look, yum!


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